• Finalist AWARD

    16 februari 2022

    2022. U.S.A. 50th Artavita contest. Bikkel Artist is one of the 100 finalists with the theme “Hope”. 609 artists participated with 1682 works. Big thanks to Despina Tunberg - Curator World Wide Art and Artavita.

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  • interview on OMROEPDEWETERING

    6 mei 2021

    Today really lovely invitation by Arjen and Herman from OMROEPDEWETERING. Herman interviewed Bikkel about the auction next week Saturday May 15th. at Dordrecht. I hope to receive first bid, maybe from a listener to this radio programm Thnx guys!


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  • Honorable president at Zervas Art Club Rotterdam, Netherlands

    7 januari 2021

    January 7th, 2021, Bikkel receive the honor to become Honorable President of Zervas Art Club at Rotterdam. The purpose of the Zervas Art Clubs is – through its actions – to awaken uplifted societies and consciences and to add a new “Culture Policy” focusing on the people of every country, culture, religion and mentality. Art, on the other hand, is the primary factor of civilization. Art is preceded by everything, and it is a irrational answer but also a deeper approach to the mystery of human existence. Bikkel will try to do her job in this business. https://zervas-art.com/clubsfederation/zervas-art-club-in-rotterdam/

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  • certificate Bikkel exhibtion at Haegeumgang Theme Museum

    24 oktober 2020

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  • Familyweapon designed by Bikkel Artist

    3 juli 2020


    Bikkel Artist designed her familyweapen, June 2020. If you like, Bikkel Artist can design for you and your family also a personal familyweapen. Costs 175 euro.

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  • laurienversteegh wrote on Instagram

    3 juli 2020

    laurienversteegh wrote on Instagram: The “ABC Handelsblad” dated Saturday 19th of June 2021, is the latest edition to the “future front pages project “. Made by @bikkelartist who responded to my #callforartists . Bikkel was born in Curaçao but lives in The Netherlands now. She wrote to me that for her the Corona crisis started in Lecce, southern Italy. She was there to exhibit one of her glass sculptures. Getting back home was challenging as the lockdown had started in Italy. After returning to The Netherlands she got sick, though not Corona related. During her recovery she was productive art wise: she painted and designed a new series of glass sculptures. She noticed that her art pieces turned out cheerful and full of color. Her front page is positive too: she hopes for a better future. It is a shame the “ABC Handelsblad” only has one edition: otherwise I would definitely take a subscription! #coronaart

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  • Article at Nieuwsbrief 15-06-2020, by Josée Claassen, art historian.

    15 juni 2020

    Article at Nieuwsbrief 15-06-2020, by Josée Claassen, art historian.



    Bikkel, member of the society and passionate artist, is the reason for this art talk this week. Blue is Bikkel's favorite color and she also likes water. The latter can be seen in the way she exhibits her own works of art in the image above: on the beach near the sea. To make glass art you need water to cool with, that is a second reference to water and the space where Bikkel exhibited in her work was called Kunst aan de Kade. (Art on the Quay)

    Bikkel is not the only artist who loves blue. The most famous is of course Yves Klein (1928-1961). He used a deep blue color that he captured as the I.K.B., the International Klein Blue. The most famous exhibition, Le Vide, was held in 1958 at the Iris Clerts gallery in Paris. It was an elaborate mise-en-scene: the windows of the gallery were painted blue and a blue fabric vault was installed in front of the entrance. The gallery itself was completely empty, while Klein painted the walls white. Before that, he locked himself in the gallery for 48 hours. During the opening, guests were given a blue drink, which turned their urine blue. Their body was, as it were, completely fertilized, saturated with blue, says Klein.
    Yves Klein mixed for his I.K.B. ultramarine with a special fixative and applied it everywhere. Here we see his 1961 Blue Monochrome located at the MOMA in New York. It was restored not so long ago.

    This is often quite a challenge with modern visual art, because every visual artist has his own way of applying a primer, mixing paint and whether or not applying a varnish layer. For example, during the restoration of this work, the restorer used fragments of the blue paint that was on the back of the canvas to get the right color. That kind of "skin graft" was the only way to find the exact same color for front recovery.

    Dutch artist Klaas Gubbels (1934) is also fond of blue. We know him from the coffee pots and chairs, which he designs in all kinds of materials and colors. In the Rijnstate hospital in Arnhem you can see this small screen print from 2000, in which Gubbels combines both image elements: the chair that tells its own small story, invites other chairs, disguises itself as a coffee pot and gets human traits. A festive chair dance in the waiting room of the hospital. One of the former directors of this hospital, Leon van Eijk, started his career as a sculptor. His love for art can be seen all over the hospital, a joy for patients in this harsh Corona era.

    The young Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) painted a lot in blue after the suicide of his friend Carlos Casagemas for about three years. This 1903 painting is entitled The Tragedy. The work is on display at the National Gallery of Art in Washington. The tragedy that has unfolded remains unclear, but it is an evidently sad subject, as is the case with most of his other paintings from his blue period. Picasso was not rich then. Technical research showed that he previously painted at least four other scenes on this canvas, probably because he could not afford a new canvas.

    In this week's music, Bikkel's two loves come together: the color blue and water. Gustav Holst echoed the blue planet Neptune, named after the god of water, of the sea. In the music you hear the planet, which is furthest from the sun and not visible to the naked eye, looming in the distance and then suddenly there are enchanting female voices. Their distant almost extraterrestrial sounds are directed in the score by Holst: the women must be placed in a place that is invisible to the public. The piece of music lasts over 7 minutes. Have fun listening and see you next week.
    The blue planet: https://youtu.be/v4wuV14QlNM.

    Josée Claassen

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  • AWARD for online solo Bikkel - May 2020

    13 mei 2020

    Zervas Art & Club for UNESCO award the honorary Certificates for your success !!!
    Visit Bikkel Exhibition: https://onlinepaintingexhibition.com/product/bikkel-artist/ ".

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  • SOLD:

    22 februari 2020

    Bikkel Artist painting "drijvende markt Willemstad Curacao - olieverf op canvas - 60x90cm - ingelijst" SOLD at group exhibition "Kunstsalon" at society Het Meisjeshuis, Delft. I wish purchaser many hapiness and good luck with this beautiful purchase.

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  • Invitation to Bikkel Artist by Palmieri’s Foundation, Lecce, Italy

    17 februari 2020

    Palmieri’s Foundation found Bikkel Artist work online and liked a lot. They invite her to participate into the new edition of ART WOMAN in Lecce, Italy. March 7-21th, 2020. Theme: “Geo Graphies”. The show is hosted at the Palmieri’s Foundation, the most iconic and atmospheric venue of cultural heritage in the old city of Lecce. Geo (earth) and Graphia (writing) wants to open a window on female creativity to recover the sense of the world. Bikkel is intending to show one of her glass pieces: “African Woman”. http://primopianoatelier.com/

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