CV Bikkel Artist


University of Professional Education Rotterdam, The Netherlands/ Willem de Kooning Academy. Year of graduate: 2002. Graduated with exceptional exam.




Housed at Grand Cafe VERDEROP, Westvest 9, 2611 AX Delft. Honorable Gallery of the Month March 2014 by  NAGG (National Association of Honorable Galleries)



KvK Rotterdam: reg nr 24238842.







REPRESENTATIVE OF CURACAO at International Exhibitions of API (Art Promotion International)


@Trademarks Register since 2004. Reg. nr. 0755087

KvK Rotterdam: reg nr  24238842



2017 Golden Medal for Glass - 4th World Art Games, August 12-20th , 2017, Slavonski Brod, Croatia. Handed by Peter Weisz, co-president of WAG Organization.

2017 Metropolitan Empire Prize - handed at MOMA, NY. By ambassador USA Michael Lam. Bikkel is selected by Constanza Foundation in the World as most important recognation to her career

2016 International Prize Venice in Art - Casanova Award, at Flangini Palace, Venezia, Italy, 2016. The award will be given to those artists who everyday respect their commitment with art, with dedication and passion.

2016 International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci – The Universal Artist, at Borghese Palace, Florence, Italy, 2016. The prize is for Artists that are worth for their artistic merit.



2017. USA, Artavita Online Art Contest #23, Certificate of Excellence to BIKKEL

2017. Spain, Barcelona. Teaching of Master Class at 1st Barcelona Art Symposium

2017. Spain, Barcelona. Award honors at 1st Barcelona Art Fair. Intern Painting Symposium/ Master Classes.

2016. France, Paris. Award with honour at 1st Paris Art Fair. Intern Painting Symposium/ Master Classes.

2016. Italy, Roma. Award with honour at 2nd Roma Art Fair. Intern Painting Symposium/ Master Classes.

2016. Denmark. Medal Bikkel from European Art Museum

2016. Montenegro. Acknowledgment  Bikkel – International coördinator WAG Children Project 2015-2016. (nine states) 

2016. Montenegro. Acknowledgment  Bikkel – National coördinator WAG Children Project 2015-2016  

2016. Houston, Texas. Honorable Mention to Bikkel for her Tapestery “Bull Holland” exhibited at “2016 Perspective”, Aurora Studios, Houston, Texas.

2016. Certificate of Excellence for the serie: Asylum Seekers (3x) in the 17th Online Artavita Contest.

2015. Bratislava. Special Thanks to Bikkel, WAG NL Promotor, 2th World Art Games, Bratislava, For her contribution in promotion of WAG Organization.

2015. Moskow, Rusia. Award Honors for Bikkel in 1th Moscow Art Fair Intern Painting Symposium by Unesco, MASTERCLASSES.

2014. Certificate of Excellence for the work: Bull Holland in the 10th Online Contest Artavita.

2013. Certificate of Appreciation to Bikkel in recognition of her dedication and support tot he Museum of the Americas and for the organization of the Traveling Exhibition to Six Countries coordinating the show in The Netherlands. Museum of the Americas, Doral, FLorida, U.S.A. - MoA Traveling Exhibition to Six Countries.

2012. Doral, FLorida, U.S.A Honorable Mention to Bikkel for her Artwork “PPBlom 2” exhibited at the “Dallas Award 2012”. Museum of the Americas.

2007. Florence, Italy. Biënnales Promotion in the World 2007 at Biennale Internazionale dell’ Arte Contemporanea Florence, Italy.



2017 Croatia, Slavonski Brod, 12-20th August.

2017 Croatia. Art Colony Pridvorje, Konavle. 1-10th March 

2017 Delft, The Netherlands. 4th Biënnial Kunst aan de Kade. Organizion by Bikkel

2017 1th Barcelona Art Symposium. International Painting Symposium Plus Masterclass

2016 1th Paris Art Symposium. International Painting Symposium

2016 2th Roma Art Symposium. International Painting Symposium

2016 Denmark. Certification Bikkel from European Art Museum. Bikkel, Country’s artistic ambassador

2016 Montenegro. Participation Bikkel at 3th World Art Games at Montenegro

2015 Canet del Mar, Spain. Exposició Col.lectiva International “Cruzando Fronteras”

2015 Chitrashalaa 2015. International Artist Residency, Delhi, India by Chittrosalla & Narrative Movements

2015 Kalilim Belgesi. Exhibition Universaty in Bor, Nigde.

2015 1th Moscow Art Fair. International Painting Symposium Plus Masterclass Bikkel

2015 Bratislava, Slovakia. 2th World Art Games. Bikkel, WAG NL Promotor  

2015 Thessaloniki, Greece. 2th Thessaloniki Art Fair

2015 Delft, The Netherlands. 3th Biënnial Kunst aan de Kade. Organizion by Bikkel

2014 Delft, The Netherlands. International Exhibition Contemporary Turkish Artists. Organizion by Bikkel

2014 Estremoz, Portugal. 1th Estremoz Art Festival

2014 Sahl Hashees, Egypt. Sahl Hashees Art Symposium

2013 Zagreb, Umag, Ludbreg, Croatia. 1th World Art Games. Bikkel, WAG NL Promotor

2013 Delft, The Netherlands. 2th Biënnial Kunst aan de Kade. Organizion by Bikkel

2012 Griffis Art Center’s International Artist-in-Residence Program. New London, U.S.A.

2012 Izmir, Turkey. 2th WAG Conference. Bikkel, WAG NL Promotor

2012 Vukovar, Croatia. International Art Colony Vukovar 2012

2012 Gennaio Italy. 10th Concorso AD-ART – Concorso di Pittura

2011 Zagreb, Croatia. 1th WAG Conference. Bikkel, WAG NL Promotor

2011 Vukovar, Croatia. International Art Colony Vukovar 2011

2011 Palermo, Italy. Villa Maltifitano Whitaker

2008 1th World Art Vision, Cancun, Mexico. 

2007 Florence, Italy Diploma di Participazione in Biennale Internazionale Dell Arte Contemporanea

2002 University of Professional Education Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Bachelor of Education (B Ed) Teacher Training Handicrafts. An Exceptional Exam

2000 University of Professional Education Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Bachelor of Education (B Ed) Teacher Training Drawing



2009 Klimaat prijs Vlaardingen 2009


Artist in Resident Program

2012 U.S.A., NEW LONDON, The Griffis Art Centre, June 26th till July 24th 2012 


Artwork Bikkel in Public Space:

2017 unconventional exhibitions (more then 30!!) "Narrative Movements Waves", India

2015 performance “Bakkie doen?”, Maassluis, The Netherlands

2015 performance “Aruba djembee performance”, Aruba, Antilles

2012 wall painting “LOVE & Hope” at Antun Bauer School, Vukovar, Croatia

2011 street painting “Weena Zuid Got Ball’s” at Rotterdam Centre, The Netherlands


Artwork Bikkel included in International Art Collections or Musea:

WAG NC B&H collection 2017

WAG NC NZ Collection 2017

WAG HQ collection 2017

Zervas Art Collection 2017

Zervas Art Collection 2016

European Art Museum Collection, 2016

Spazio-Tempo Arte Collection, 2016

WAG collection Montenegro, 2016

Bor Universaty, Turkije, 2015

The Jehan, Delhi, India, 215

Narrative Movements, India, 2015

WAG Collection, Bratislava, 2015

Zervas Art Collection 2015

Museum of the Americas, Texas, U.S.A. 2015

Museum Maassluis, NL, 2015

Sahl Hasheesh Art Collection, Egypt. 2014

Museum Maassluis, NL, 2014

WAG Art Collection, Croatia, 2013

Town Hall, New London, USA. 2012

Museum of the Americas, Florida, USA. 2012

WAG-Izmir Museum, Turkey. 2012

Katwijks Museum, Katwijk. 2012

Caldic Collection, Wassenaar, The Netherlands. 2011

Cabinet of Minister of Curaçao, The Hague. 2011

WAG Art Gallery OKO, Osijek, Croatia. 2010

GemeenteMuseum Maassluis, 2008, 2010

The Curaçao MUSEUM, Curaçao. 2008


International Solo and Group Exhibitions:

DELFT, NL, Galerie Kunst aan de Kade. DUO exhibition, 2017

INDIA, Post Contemporary Waves, different places, Narrative Movements Group, 2017

SPIJKENISSE, RAR Gallery, 2017

THE NETHERLANDS, Vlaardingen, Open Ateliers 2017

DELFT, NL, Galerie Kunst aan de Kade. 4th Biennial Kunst aan de Kade, 2017

SPAIN, Barcelona, Zervas Art Group, 2017

CROATIA, Dubrovnok/Konavle, Franciscaner Monastry, 2017

DORDRECHT, Gallery Hofsteeg. 1th WAG NL-Cariben exhibition. Curated by Bikkel artist. 2016

DENMARK, European Art Museum, 2016

DELFT, NL, (Solo) Galerie Kunst aan de Kade, 2016

TRENTO, ITALY, AIAPI Human Rights/Diversity, May 21th 2016

MONTENEGRO, 3th World Art Games & Conference WAG NC’s, 2016    

HOUSTON, USA, Aurora Studios, 2016  

NEW DELHI, INDIA, Narrativemovements, 2015

DELFT, NL, Galerie Kunst aan de Kade. Curated by Bikkel artist. 2015

VLAARDINGEN, NL, Kade 40, 2015

VLAARDINGEN, NL, (SOLO) Hoogstraat 87, 2015

MAASSLUIS, NL, douanehuisje. International Group Exhibition. Curated by Bikkel artist. 2015

BRATISLAVA, SLOVENIA, 2th World Art Games, 2015

ROTTERDAM, NL, (Solo) Gallery Kunst aan de Kade, 2015

MOSCOV, Kremlin Cultural Center, 2015


LEIDEN, Sidac Studio, 2015

SOUTH KOREA, Gunsam Culture Centrum, 2015

BARCELONA, Canet del Mar, Galeria Tenas, 2015

NIGDE, TURKEY, Nigde Fine Arts High School, 2015

FLORIDA, Museum of the Americas, 2015

DUBAI, Alliance Francaise, 2015

HOUSTON - TEXAS, Hispanic Cultural Centre, 2015

SLOVAKIA, Prievidza, WAG Art Collection, 2014

CROATIA, Slavonski Brod, WAG Art Collection, 2014

EGYPT, HURGHADA, Sahl Hasheesh Art Symposium, 2014

USA, FLORIDA, Museum of the Americas, 2014

HUNGARY, Pecs, WAG Art Collection, 2014

BELGIUM, Merksplas, 2014

MIAMI, U.S.A., Spectrum Miami, December 2013

PARIS, THE LOUVRE, October 2013

MoA, Intern. Traveling Exh. in SPAIN, FRANCE, NL, ITALY, AUSTRIA, USA, 2013-2014. Organized by Bikkel Artist.

CROATIA, 1th World Art Games at ZAGREB, VUKOVAR, UMAG, LUDBREG, 2013

ROME, ITALY, Domus Talenti, 2013


HEUMEN, THE NETHERLANDS, Ateliermuseum Jac Maris, 2013

NIJMEGEN, THE NETHERLANDS, Augustinusklooster, 2013

MIAMI, USA, Museum of the Americas, 2013

BARCELONA, SPAIN, Ada Art Gallery, 2013

HOUSTON, USA, Museum of the Americas, 2013

DELFT, THE NETHERLANDS, (solo) Museum “Call Box for Art”, 2013

MAASSLUIS, THE NETHERLANDS, Gemeentemuseum, 2013

VIENNA, Travelgallery, 2012

DALLAS, Museum of the Americas, 2012

TURKEY, IZMIR, WAG-Izmir Museum, 2012

CROATIA, VUKOVAR, Vukovar City Museum, Gallery Oran┼żerija, 2012

THE NETHERLANDS, GemeenteMUSEUM, Maassluis, 2012

THE NETHERLANDS, Wassenaar, Caldic Collection, 2012

ROTTERDAM, (duo) project "Weena Zuid got balls", 2011

FLORIDA, USA, Museum of the Americas, 2011

THE NETHERLANDS, (solo) TMC Asser Institute, The Hague, 2011

CROATIA, VUKOVAR, Vukovar Museum, Gallery Oran┼żerija, 2011

PALERMO, ITALY, la Fondazione Whitaker, 2011

FLORIDA, USA, Museum of the Americas, 2011

ROME, ITALY, Gallery Spaziottagoni, 2011

FLORENCE, ITALY, Gallery Civico69, 2011

LISSABON, PORTUGAL, Colorida Art Gallery, 2011

VUKOVAR, KROATIE, Art Colony Vukovar, 2011

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN, Gallery Cosmopolitan, 2011

MONACO, FRANCE, OpenArtCode Monaco, Auditorium Reinier lll, France, 2010

NEW YORK, AmsterdamWhitneyGallery, 2010

LONDON, OpenArtCode London, Oxo Gallery, 2010


NEW YORK, AmsterdamWhitneyGallery, 2009

CURACAO, (solo) The Curacao MUSEUM, Willemstad, 2009

THE NETHERLANDS, 4e Glass exhibition Castle Cannenburg, Vaassen, 2009

THE NETHERLANDS, (solo) Antillenhuis, The Hague, 2009

THE NETHERLANDS, Florence Biennale Revisited at The Hague, 2009

CANCUN, MEXICO, 1th World Art Vision, 2008

CURACAO, (solo) The Curacao MUSEUM, Willemstad, 2008

THE NETHERLANDS, (solo) GemeenteMUSEUM, Maassluis, 2008


CHINA, SHANGHAI, (duo) Shanghai Art Fair, 2005



PRODUCER OPERA “Mijn Kleurrijk Verleden” AND LIBRETTO, by Bikkel Aertist

With in Music of F. Poulenc under Poems of P. Elouard.

World Premiere: November 16th 2012 at Stadsgehoorzaal Vlaardingen, The Netherlands



FOUNDER WAG NL 2014 GROUP. @facebook:






MEMBER HEAD GROUP CULTURE RENOVATION MUNICIPALITY OF VLAARDINGEN. 2011-2014  Led by Councillor for Culture, Jan Robberegt, resulting in formation of Association Vlaardingen Culture Foundation (VCS)



  • Education primary school and secondary school
  • Museum exhibitions