• Hand over certificate of participation to Bikkel Artist from WAG Netherlands.

    17 februari 2020

    Hand over certificate of participation to Bikkel Artist from WAG Netherlands. Because of participation in exhibition organized by WAG Mexico named "Fraternite". December 3th, 2019 at Galeria de Arte & Figura, Leon, Mexico. One of the inspirations to this exhibition were the words of Martin Luther King: "We have learned to fly like birds and to swim like fish; but we haven't learned the simple art of living as brothers."

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  • solo at new Bikkel Museum is published in Groot Vlaardingen

    1 februari 2020

    Editor Peter Spek published today, January 29th, 2020, lovely article and idem picture in best readed newspaper "Groot Vlaardingen", page 15: "Art of Painting at new Bikkelmuseum". I am greatful with a big smile and warm feeling heart. Thanks, dear Peter!

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  • Bikkel Artist interview on omroep Wetering dd 02-02-2020

    1 februari 2020

    Editor team Radio with Herman de Bruin, Arjen van Bruinnessen and Mariska de Vries, interviewed Bikkel Artist, Tuesday, January 30th, 2020. I am really greatful to Herman to coach me in a professional way to find words to express my art and to talk about the amazing exhibitions that are waiting for me.  Thanks dear Herman, Arjen and Mariska!

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  • Bikkel glass art at "Kunstenaars Jaarboek 2020"

    22 november 2019

     Bikkel glass art at "Kunstenaars Jaarboek 2020"

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  • Bikkel Artist receive Certificate of Excellence.

    14 november 2019

    2019. Certificate of Excellence in the 34th International Artavita Online Art Contest.

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  • live interview met Bikkel Artist op Stadsradio Delft

    14 november 2019

    Great interview on RADIO DELFT VOOR ELKAAR. Live Interview with Bikkel Artist, founder and curator of Gallery Kunst aan de Kade, by Joop van Straaten. Stadsradio Delft 106.3 FM, 92.9 MHz on Delft cable and also to be listening via stream at www.stadsradiodelft.nl., between 17:00 and 19:00 p.m. on Thursday November 14th, 2019. Photo's made by Kyra Pluim, host at Radio Delft voor elkaar. Joop and Kyra, thanks a lot for great hospitality, photo's and live interview!

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  • certificate Peace Festival Mexico for Bikkel Artist

    7 november 2019

    2019. Participation Bikkel at 2th

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  • 2019. International PRIZE for art and entrepreneurship in Madrid, at Hotel Wellington.

    18 mei 2019

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  • SOLD: unica glass art of Bikkel becomes into private collection

    18 mei 2019

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    26 januari 2019

    Nos Pais Television, Curacao. Interview by Mavis Albertina.


    Bikkel part from 31.28 till 44.30 min/sec.

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