laurienversteegh wrote on Instagram: The “ABC Handelsblad” dated Saturday 19th of June 2021, is the latest edition to the “future front pages project “. Made by @bikkelartist who responded to my #callforartists . Bikkel was born in Curaçao but lives in The Netherlands now. She wrote to me that for her the Corona crisis started in Lecce, southern Italy. She was there to exhibit one of her glass sculptures. Getting back home was challenging as the lockdown had started in Italy. After returning to The Netherlands she got sick, though not Corona related. During her recovery she was productive art wise: she painted and designed a new series of glass sculptures. She noticed that her art pieces turned out cheerful and full of color. Her front page is positive too: she hopes for a better future. It is a shame the “ABC Handelsblad” only has one edition: otherwise I would definitely take a subscription! #coronaart