• Invitation to join Exhibition Kunst aan de Kade 47

    10 maart 2016


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  • Article Groot Vlaardingen about Prize Bikkel

    17 februari 2016

    Peter Spek, receiver of Writing 4U persprijs 2012, has interviewed Bikkel Artist about her International Prize Leonardo da Vinci. Thnx Peter for amazing article in Groot Vlaardingen News Paper (February 17th 2016, page 10) and wonderful photo!

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  • Certificate of Excellence for Bikkel

    15 januari 2016

    2016. Certificate of Excellence for the serie: Asylum Seekers (3x) in the 17th Online Artavita Contest.

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  • "FAMOUS PRIZE FOR BIKKEL (67), International fame Vlaardingse".

    13 januari 2016

    Newspaper DE TELEGRAAF - January 13th 2016 - Page T12. "FAMOUS PRIZE FOR BIKKEL (67), International fame Vlaardingse". Article by correspondent Peter de Lange. Photo by press photographer Fred Libochant. Bikkel is very honored with this beautiful article and brilliant photo in the most readed newspaper in The Netherlands! I, Bikkel, want to share the honor of my prize with all asylum seekers in NL. I hope they feel warmly welcome in my country.

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  • Bikkel website renewed

    10 januari 2016

    Many joy looking my renewed website!

    please let me know what you like? bikkelartist@outlook.com. thnx!

    warm hugs,



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  • Catalogus and Certification for Bikkel

    5 januari 2016

    Today I received with respect for the great organization a catalogus and certificat of participation at the Crossing Borders International Exhibition at Canet del Mar, September 2015. My artfriend Alberto A. Gómez Alpizio has introduced me to organizer Astrid Vlemmings. At the Opening joined my artfriend from World Art Games, Jose Viasgranados. I am very honored to may have exhibited at this wonderfull event. thnx!

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  • Artwork Bikkel in collection BOR, Turkey

    24 december 2015

    Bikkel is honored that her artwork "after 50 year of prison" is come into collection of Bor Belediyesi Uluslararasi, Turkey.

    Bikkel - after 50 year of prison - oil painting on linen - 30x21cm - 2015    

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  • Bikkel invited to work in INDIA

    24 december 2015

    Invited by my good artfriend Bibek Santra, I participated in Chitrashalaa 2015 at THE JEHAN, Delhi, INDIA. I feel thankfull and honored to may have worked with so many good artfriends from Narrative Movments Group, and to have been hosted in fantastic Hotel.

    Bikkel - India House - acryl and oil and spray paint on canvas - 120x160cm - 2015  

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  • Symbiose is to share

    24 november 2015

    Opening Friday November 27th at Kade 40, Vlaardingen. 20:00 p.m. Guest curator Coen van den Oever choose two of my paintings and one of my glass objects for the group exhibition with Vlaardingen artists. Name exhibition is "Symbiose is to share". I am very honored and thankful to been invited to show my art in communication with the other choosen art of my Vlaardingen art friends in this excellent exhibition.


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  • Douanehuisje colors October International

    4 oktober 2015

    Visual artist Bikkel from Vlaardingen has been invited by the Cultural Council of Maassluis to work in Het Douanehuisje during the month of October 2015 and to exhibit. Bikkel worked until her retirement at the LentizRevius Lyceum in Maassluis, where she gave lessons CKV (Cultural Artistic Education) and lessons Drawing. Bikkel round her study at the Willem de Kooning Academy down in 2002. Since then she works with glass and is committed painter. She exhibits in Netherlands and abroad. Her pieces are included in international collections and museums.

    Because Bikkel love cooperation with other artists, she create of the October exhibition in Het douanehuisje an International exhibition.
    Artists who are members of the International Biennale Austria Group in Austria, present their brand new work for the first time in the Netherlands. This exhibition IN an exhibition was given the title "The MAP". The participating artists all made five sketching, drawing, small paintings on A4 size, fitting into an A4Map. Per artist one of these works will be shown on the wall, the public can visit the other four drawings in the A4Maps that are available to look at on a long table.

    Besides the Biennale Austria Group also Friedie Kloen (Art of wood), Jack Moerman (lino print), Ton Delfos (photography) and Bikkel (glass and paintings) will show their work to the public.

    During the opening hours of 14:00 to 17:00 on weekends in the month of October, the public can attend the performances "Bakkie doen?". Friedie Kloen and Bikkel have huge coffee cups designed to be presented outside the Douanehuisje on the wharf during opening hours. Passengers on passing ships could be invited to this way of doing the port of Maassluis for a good "cuppa" at the present artists. Adults and children are invited to design cups, make them and paint them.

    Official Opening of the exhibition will be during the FURIEADE on Saturday 3 October at 14:00 pm in the DOUANEHUISJE at the Govert van Wijnkade 52, Maassluis.
    The opening will be performed by David van der Houwen, alderman Culture Maassluis.

    Some artists of the international group of artists will attend the opening. The other participating artists Friedie Kloen, Jack Moerman, Ton Delfos and Bikkel will also be present at the opening.

    Douanehuisje, Govert van Wijnkade 52, Maassluis,
    October 3, 14:00 p.m.
    Official Opening by David van der Houwen, alderman Culture Maassluis.

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