"Korea" 3rd International Art Exhibition 2022

"Beyond the Borders"

“Aesthetics of Faces”

Exhibition Date : September 30 - October 31, 2022

Opening : September 30, 2022


Venue : at Fantapia M, Chang Kil-Hwan Art Museum

Organization by : Kil Hwan Chang , Tae Sook Myung (Fantapia M museum)


Bikkel Artist - The Netherlands - receive International Art Leaders Award : 2.

Given by Yoo Choong Yeul from Fantapia M. Chang Kil-Hwan Art Museum, South Korea.


“Fugitives”, 200 x 200 cm

The Biggest Works of this International Art Exhibition


Yoo Choong Yeul: “People leaving in boats and pregnant women. It expressed a weak human image that wants to escape from sin but ultimately wants the salvation of God. The expression of a woman's arm like a boneless mollusk is a trick to highlight the appearance of the hand holding God's hand, although it is also meaningful in weakness. It is a masterpiece measuring 200cmx200cm”


Participating international arts organizations :

Genuine Art Projects international(GAPi) - The Netherlands

Peace and Art Society(PAS) - Portugal

Leading Art(L’art) - Iran

Art Niğde International(ANI) - Turkey

Fantapia International Art Group(FIAG) - Republic of Korea

Reception and processing : Fred van Welie, Júlio Antão, Abdolreza Rabeti, Safa Büte, Yoo Choong Yeul


Many thanks to Mr. Yoo Choong Yeul , Tae Sook Myung , Mr. Kil Hwan Chang

Bikkel Artist is deeply honored!